Executive Board

During the General Assembly in Ghent, Belgium in September 2015, the Country Coordinators Committee elected the new Executive Board. 

Patricia Almeida from Portugal, Govert Verhoog from the Netherlands and Bjorg Gudjonsdottir from Iceland were elected for a four-year term. The EB would like to thank the committee for continuing trust and support and the EB will do their best to move ENPHE forward with all the member guidance and help. 

The new EB would like to thanks the good work developed by the previous EB members: Raija Kuisma, who has served as the president on the EB for six years, Wil Dielis who has served as the vice-president on the EB for six years and Mark Sacco, who has served on the EB for four years and now stepped down.

Patricia Almeida (eb.president@enphe.org). President; manages and oversees the network and represents ENPHE inside and outside the network. Chairs EB, CC and GA meetings. Oversees the setting of the ENPHE vision and programs/projects. Term of office: till autumn 2019.

Govert Verhoog (eb.vicepresident@enphe.org). Vice-president & Treasurer & Website/PR; stands for president as necessary. Looks after finances in all aspects. Leads, coordinates and oversees the ENPHE website/information exchange amongst members and public. Term of office: till autumn 2019.

Bjorg Gudjonsdottir (eb.development@enphe.org). Coordinates and manages ENPHE projects, working, focus and other current activities. Term of office: till autumn 2019.

Vilma Dudoniene (eb.projectexecutive@enphe.org). Coordinates and assist conference and seminar organizations. Term of office: till autumn 2017.

Katri Kämäräinen (eb.isbexecutive@enphe.org). Coordinates, facilitates and oversees the ENPHE student activities: ISB (International Student Body). Term of office: till autumn 2017.

Greetje Annink (info@enphe.org). Administator          

Mark Sacco, Working Group Coordinator 2011-2015,  Wil Dielis, Vice President and Treasurer 2009-2015 and Raija Kuisma, President 2009-2015, stepped down from their positions at the end of their term at the September 2015 General Assembly of the annual conference in Ghent. 
We would like to thank ENPHE members for their support and hard work in all ENPHE activities. We have enjoyed our time in the executive board, and have tried our best to take ENPHE forward. It has not always been just fun and laughter to guide such a diverse group of people with different experiences and interests and provide solutions that suit all, but we feel that together we have moved forward. We wish the 2015-2017 executive board success and all ENPHE members interesting and fruitful years ahead.
Mark, Wil and Raija

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