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Spring seminar 2014​. 


Dear members and working groups,
The Executive Board would like to thank you all for the hard work and excellent results of the six working groups in Istanbul during the last few days, 20--22 March 2014.  We all appreciate that it is not easy to continue smoothly on the work which was started a year ago when there are changes in the membership of the groups and ideas. This however gives richness and provides challenges, which we as teachers thrive on. The reports will be posted on ENPHE active soon and we look forward to more innovative and challenging ideas and discussions in Tartu in September.
Thank you again for your hard work and collegiality.
The ENPHE Executive Board.


During the Istanbul Seminar (March 2014) the Working Groups and ISB made excellent progress in their development. To update all Enphe members, we have uploaded the reports/presentations:


Newest information about transportation and shuttle busses:

Message about SHUTTLES

Message about Hotel (4 March 2014): 

All the rooms in The Santa Pera Hotel  are reserved. There is no place for the new guest in that hotel.

New participants could  book a room from the other hotel (Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn) or hostel written on the registration form.

Best wishes, Ferda Dokuztuğ Üçsular


ISB Student programme

Mind VISA!!!!    Message from Ferda: the Visa application can be completed and submitted online via https://www.evisa.gov.tr/en/. The process takes on 2-3 minutes.

Dates: 21 & 22 March 2014.

Place: Istanbul, Turkey.

This Seminar is meant for [1] all Working Group members, [2] all Enphe members who want to contribute to the development of the Working Groups and [3] the ISB. The main goal is to make progress in the development of the 5 WG-themes and prepare for the conference in Tartu 2014. 

Students are also very welcome. You can participate in this two-day seminar, by contributing to the organization/activities of ISB or to the Enphe Working Groups. Concept Students ISB programme. Also see: Facebook Enphe International Student Body for announcements.

Istanbul Bilgi University (with Ferda Dokuztug) is the host organizer of this seminar in Istanbul.


ENPHE SPRING SEMINAR, 21st – 22nd March 2014, Istanbul – Turkey

In this link you find all registration documents.

Please follow our instructions for registration:

  • 1. Open the link;
  • 2. Print the document;
  • 3. Fill in all personal information;
  • 4. Fill in all registration issues for the Seminar:
    • mention whether you are a teacher or student,
    • register for €55 or €65, depending on the date of your registration,
    • time of arrival,
    • name of hotel,
    • present a poster,
    • date and signature.
  • 5. Fill in hotel booking form if you stay in the mentioned hotels, Hilton and Santa Pera. For Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn Hotel and Santa Pera Hotel all prices are special discounted for ENPHE 2014 Istanbul Seminar participants. That’s why you should fill in the form completly for Hilton Garden Inn Istanbul Golden Horn Hotel and Santa Pera Hotel. There are limited rooms in these hotels, early booking is highly recommended.
    • mention check in and check out dates and count the amount costs (depending on the hotel, the room and the amount of days),
    • fill in accompany family name, if applicable.
  • 6. Fill in payment form:
    • mention how you pay (Bank transfer or CC)
    • count the total amount due in Euro (seminar fee + hotel costs) and fill in that amount,
    • signing etc.
  • 7. Send in this document:
    • first option: scan the document and e-mail it to Mr. Koray Özkan (koray@delano.com.tr), or
    • second option:  fax it to him on +90 212 219 6929
  • 8. If you choose to pay through “Bank Transfer”, pay the amount and send Mr. Koray Özkan your bank draft copy via e-mail or fax.
  • 9. If you choose to pay through CC, you only fill in this form and the money will be written of your account.
  • 10. If you need an invoice, please mention that on the form and the organization will provide you with that.

You don’t have to book the hotel yourselves, if you choose for Hilton or Santa Pera. You just fill in and send in all documents (and pay), and the local secretary Koray Ozkan takes care for the booking in the hotel. Once again: only if you choose for Hilton or Santa Pera. If you decide to go to another hotel, you have to book and pay yourselves directly to that hotel. Also for hostels, you have to book and pay yourselves directly to the hostel.



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