The conference took place in Tartu, Estonia. Hosts were:

Tartu School of Health Care and University of Tartu.

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Main topic of this conference was  Work Place Learning and Assessment

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  6 October 2014

Dear ENPHE members,

As authors of the poster entitled COMPARISON OF CLINICAL PRACTICAL TRAINING IN SPANISH UNIVERSITIES we want to apologize since the number of hours of clinical placements at some of the Spanish universities in that poster was not correct. Data were obtained in 2013 after a web search of the documents named GUÍAS DOCENTES, a document that provides very detailed information regarding the clinical placement module, that by law every university should show in its website. The number of hours of clinical placement was calculated from the ECTS of the clinical placements and based only on the percentage of students’ attendance explained in those documents. We probably misunderstood several of the data.

The aim of the poster was to point out the diversity of Practicum programs in Spain. We are very sorry for all the inconveniences that the publication of those data could have, and this is why we want to inform all attendants to ENPHE conference at Tartu 2014.

We would be very grateful if you could post this apologize at your website.

Thank you.

Amer Cuenca JJ. Arguisuelas-Martínez MD., Martínez-Gramage J., Montañez-Aguilera FJ., Rosado-Calatayud P., Segura Ortí ME

Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud. Universidad CEU Cardenal Herrera. Moncada-Valencia (Spain)

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