Board meeting in Amsterdam

Posted on 04/10/2015 by Govert Verhoog in executive board meeting

The new executive board of ENPHE has held its second meeting (first was in Ghent) at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport on saturday october 3rd. It was a fruitful meeting in which many topics regarding ENPHE were addressed. In the next few weeks more news will be sent to the members about the plans and decisions of the board. One of the first actions that will be undertaken is a trip to Ghent to arrange the transition of the Bank account responsibilities form the old treasurer (Wil Dielis) to the new treasurer (Govert Verhoog). Follow us on Twitter: @ENPHE_

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                    Raija KuismaSuccessful ENPHE/ER-WCPT roundtable discussion. Patricia and Govert did a great job, thank you for inviting me to be a member of the panel. Comments from the colleagues in audience ..."best session"... "you did well"... "more debate is needed"...


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                          Wil DielisThank you Dorien for all your work for ENPHE. Good luck in your future job!


                            Wil DielisStrange feeling not to be present at ENPHE seminar in Barcelona. SUCCESS colleagues!


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