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NEXT EVENT: Conference Ghent, Belgium, 16-19 September 2015
During this conference the 20th anniversary of ENPHE will be celebrated!

The elections of the board of ISB will be held on Friday 18th of September, after which a new chair, vice-chair and treasurer will be appointed. The application to this election is closed. The motivations can be read here. 

ISB Program:

Wednesday 16 September 2015

19.30                     Meet&Greet Dinner students

Thursday 17 September 2015
Venue: Campus University Hospital
Address: De Pintelaan 185, Building B3.

8.45                    Arrival new students
9.00-9.30             Introduction of new students
9.30-10.45           Introduction to Sherborne
10.45-12.00         Lecture/workshop Ann Cools: “scapular rehabilitation: from the office worker to the elite overhead athlete”
12.00-13.00         Work time for working groups
13.00-14.00         Lunch break (not included in conference fee)
14.00-16.00         Work time for working groups
16.00-16.30         Evaluation time

Evening program
Venue: Ghent University Aula
Address: Voldersstraat 9

18.00-18.30        Registration and Welcome. 
18.30-19.30        Reception with finger food buffet
19.30-21.00        Presentation with surprising performance
21.00-…             Frietkot” + Pub crawl guided by students of Ghent

Friday 18 September 2015
Venue: Campus University Hospital
Address: De Pintelaan 185, Start in Auditorium E

8.45-9.00            Registration
9.00-9.15             Opening of conference
9.15-10.30           Keynote Speaker 1 – Jef Staes: No sheeping; a story about dramatic changes in industry and education.
10.30-11.00        Coffee break with posters
11.00-12.30        Inspiring session 1 (registration necessary)
12.30-14.00        Lunch with speed-dating (registration necessary)
14.00-15.30        Inspiring session 2 (registration necessary)
15.30-16.00        Banana break with posters
16.00-17.00        GA – Executive Board and elections
                         General Assembly – ISB Board and elections

Evening program
Venue: NH Hotel Gent Belfort
Address: Hoogpoort 63

18.30-20.00        Short walk to Graslei for a touristic boat tour
20.00-…                Informally organized restaurant visit. Possibility for a separate student program.


Saturday 19 September 2015
Venue: Campus University Hospital
Address: De Pintelaan 185, Start in Auditorium E

9.00-10.30           Working groups present their ongoing activities: from the past to the future.
10.30-11.00        Coffee break
11.00-12.15        Keynote Speaker 2 – Martin Valcke: “Stop teaching, make them work”; or how blended learning solution help to reengineer
                         your course towards active, 
collaborative and research based learning.
12.15-14.00        Lunch with student poster presentations
14.00-15.30        Inspiring session 3 (registration mandatory beforehand)
15.00-15.30        Coffee break
15.30-16.00        ISB Board presentation
16.00-16.15        Thesis prices
16.15-16.30        Announcement of next seminar and conference
16.30-16.45        Closing Words from then new Executive Board

Evening program
Venue: Conference, Culture and Exhibition Centre Zebrastraat
Address: Zebrastraat 32

19.00-20.00        Reception and short tour on the art work of the location.
20.00-23.00        Diner
23.00-01.00        Anniversary Party! (Put on your dancing shoes)

For more information about this Conference and how to get there, see here Practical info Ghent ISB.

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