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Here you are able to find links, which we think could give you more inspiration in the field of Physiotherapy.
If you have any suggestions or additions, please contact us!


  • Physio Couch  -  Informative page of international couchsurf network for physiotherapy students and alumni. 
    Physio Couch Group   -  Active page of internation couchsurf network for physiotherapy students and alumni.

  • European Confederation for Physical Therapy Students (ECPTS)  -  ECPTS brings students together in Europe to learn about the wider world of physiotherapy. It promotes international student physiotherapy events and conferences and supports students who want to create their own student associations in countries where there are none.
    The ISB is building on a collaboration with ECPTS.

  • World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT)  -  WCPT believes that every individual is entitled to the highest possible standard of culturally appropriate healthcare delivered in an atmosphere of trust and respect for human dignity, and underpinned by sound clinical reasoning and scientific evidence. It is committed to furthering the physical therapy profession and improving global health through:
    • encouraging high standards of physical therapy research, education and practice;
    • supporting the exchange of information between WCPT regions and member organisations;
    • collaborating with national and international organisations.
  • European Region – World Confederation of Physical Therapy (ER-WCPT)  -  The ER-WCPT act as the regional organisation of the World Confederation of Physical Therapy (WCPT). The WCPT also has regional organisations in Africa, Asia, North America and South America. It functions as a non-profit, non-govermental, organisation of professional associations of physiotherapist from all across Europe. Strive to be the voice of physiotherapy to the European citizens and European Union authorities.

Physiotherapy Education:

  • PEDro  -  Physiotherapy Evidence Database is a free database of randomized trials, systematic reviews and clinical practice guidelines in physiotherapy.

  • European Training Calendar  -  The main focus of the European Training Calendar is the Erasmus+: Youth in Action Programme. All training activities in the Calendar should be European (or international), not-for-profit and directed to youth workers wishing to develop their competences to further work with and for young people, to share experiences and, on occasion, to make contacts for common future projects.

  • JC Physiotherapy  -  Informative physiotherapy related webpage to develop understanding within topics, to facilitate learning, sharing of content, bring discussion in topics and connect students worldwide.
    JC Physiotherapy Facebook  -  Facebook page for the quickest updates about promoting the education and development of physiotherapy.
  • PhysioPedia  -  The mission is to contribute to improving global health through universal access to physiotherapy knowledge. The vision of this webpage is open access, open knowledge, open education, open qualification, open research; through sharing, collaboration and networking.

  • PhysioTools  -  PhysioTools Online Basic offers a large selection of drawings, illustrations, photographs and videos for healthcare and
    fitness professionals working in rehabilitation and the sports industry.

Health care:

  • World Health Organisation, Europe  -  The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a global organisation within the United Nations system (UN). It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters. It has a regional office in Europe, which is one of the six regional offices around the world. The website provides informations of statistics and demografics of all the countries as well as on various health topics. It provides mutiple databases for scientific evidence. The organisation published mutiple booklets on general health topic. 

Clinical Guidelines:
  • Guidelines International Network (G-I-N)  -  The G-I-N is an international not-for-profit association of organizations and individuals involved in clinical practice guidelines. The library contains regularly updated information about guidelines of the G-I-N membership.

  • Brittish National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)  -  NICE is a comprehensive programme of support and resources to help you put our guidance into practice.

  • Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)  -  NHMRC is Australia's leading expert body for: supporting health and medical research; developing health advice for the Australian community, health professionals and governments; providing advice on ethical behaviour in health care and in the conduct of health and medical research.

  • New Zealand Guidelines Group (NZGG)  -  NZGG created evidence-based guidance, useable tools and implementation approaches. They also promoted the use of evidence in clinical and personal practice. This page provides links to their evidence-based publications, all of which are now available on this website.

  • U.S. National Guideline Clearinghouse (NGC)  -  The NGC is a public resource for evidence-based clinical practice guidelines from the United States. It's mission is to provide physicians and other health professionals, health care providers, health plans, integrated delivery systems, purchasers, and others an accessible mechanism for obtaining objective, detailed information on clinical practice guidelines and to further their dissemination, implementation, and use.

  • Scottish Intercollegiate Guidelines Network (SIGN)  -  The SIGN develops evidence based clinical practice guidelines for the National Health Service (NHS) in Scotland. SIGN guidelines are derived from a systematic review of the scientific literature and are designed as a vehicle for accelerating the translation of new knowledge into action to meet our aim of reducing variations in practice, and improving patient-important outcomes.
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Posted on 14/04/2018 by Joost van Wijchen
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