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ESB is a group of students from all around Europe. The main goal is to provide discussion and help Working Groups with practical advice, feedback and the student's vision on topics. 

The ISB was founded in 2011 and has now developed a stable structure. The name was changed to ESB at the spring Seminar 2016 in Barcelona, to emphasise the connection with ENHPE. 

ESB consists of:

  • ESB Promotion Working Group: Deals with subjects of internal communication, PR, business plans and organizing next seminar/conference.
  • ENPHE Working Groups: Deals with subjects support to ENPHE via practical advice, feedback and student vision on discussed topics


ENPHE and the ESB get together twice a year, during Conferences and Seminars.

The Conference is organized in autumn (usually at the end of September), and take two or three days. The achievements and progressions are then presented in the subsequent Seminar/Conference, and new goals are set for the next year. Methods, communication and any general problems from the previous event are also evaluated. Several lectures are held and social activities are planned in the evenings, in which both teachers and students participate.

The Seminar is organized each spring and last two or three days, where progresses up until the conference are presented. Members actively participate in the Working Group meetings, which contain brainstorming, work and evaluations. Social  activities are planned in the evening, in which both teachers and students participate.

The conference is the starting point of every new ENPHE working year (autumn to autumn).

There are several possibilities of participation for active ESB members:

  • Participating in ESB working groups as a member.
  • Participating in ENPHE working groups to provide feedback and student vision.

The esb-Board

Selma Margrét Reynisdóttir, Chairlady

Selma Margrét is a third-year physiotherapy student at the University of Iceland. She plans on finishing her Bachelor's degree in the spring of 2018 and will then continue to do her M.Sc-degree at the same university. She plans on graduating as a physiotherapist in 2020.
She has been an active member of ENPHE since the spring Seminar in Porto in May 2017. She became the Chairlady of ESB at the last Conference in Reykjavík. She wants to participate in ENPHE to help students from all around Europe connect with each other and share different experiences. Her vision for ENHPE is that it is a great network for students and teachers to get the most out of their work and studies to make better physiotherapists all around Europe. 

In her spare time Selma likes to read good books, practice her French, bake cupcakes and do yoga along with meditation. The reason for her interest in ENPHE is the same as for her physiotherapist studies; meet new people, have fun, and hopefully make some kind of difference.


 Laurens de Kroon, Vice- Chair

Laurens de Kroon is studying Physiotherapy at Professionshøjskolen Absalon in Roskilde, Denmark. He’s Dutch but moved to Denmark eight years ago for work and has since worked in getting back into the education.

He’s always been involved in international work in one way or another, especially in the youth work setting where he’s been a volunteer in a youth organisation and organised various international meetings, seminars and youth events. He likes to travel and is especially fond of the small and large differences within Europe, which is what really interested him in working for ENPHE. Since September 2017, he’s been elected as the Vice-Chair for ESB and one of his aims during his term as a Vice-Chair is to increase the visibility of the work the ESB does, so that the universities have a broader understanding of what happens at the ENPHE meetings.

In his free time Laurens is a real busy bee. Next to his studies, his work for ESB and for the university, and his study job as a lifeguard, he keeps himself busy with running, triathlons, reading nerdy stuff and he’s a big fan of cooking too.

JP Klepper, Treasurer

JP is currently in his 3rd year of physiotherapy. He is doing his internship at a recovery center. He represents the university of Rotterdam since Graz, 2016.

JP likes soccer and running. He works as a physio at the local soccer club in his village Dirksland. The reason why he is part of ENPHE is because of his enthusiasm in physiotherapy, especially in sharing it with others. He is structured and works hard to reach his goals, that is also the reason why he joined the ENPHE board as treasurer.  He likes the way ENPHE collaborates and all the new people he meets on his journey through ENPHE.



Practice-Based Learning: Lidia Serra Benita

Lidia Serra is a 3rd year student from FUB-UManresa, Catalonia, Spain. She joined ENPHE in the seminar in Barcelona 2016, and became ESB working group Practice Based Learning representatitve in Porto 2017. 

She first enrolled herself in a project from the working group Facilitation of Learning which consisted in working with 4 students from Finland and Belgium. That motivated her to the next conference in ENPHE and realised she wants to inspire more people to join this organisation because it’s a great opportunity to explore a new country, meet new people and make lots of beautiful memories.

Her interests are travelling, getting to know new people, learning new languages, spending good time with friends and drawing.

Facilitation of Learning: Ales Del Estal Martinez

Ales is a 3rd-year student of Physiotherapy in San Rafael-Nebrija, in Madrid and also holds a B.Sc.-degree in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences from the Technique University of Madrid.

He enrolled himself in the Facilitation of Learning project because he is absolutely motivated with the idea of achieving new ways of learning and teaching, as one of his future intentions is becoming a university professor in Health Sciences.

Nowadays, he is an active collaborator in several research projects with different universities in Europe and his favorite research lines are always related to prevention and recovery of health, and educational innovative techniques. This is why he began participating in the Research Group at ENPHE’s seminar in Porto.

Happy-living person, quick-learner student, 5-language speaker and easy-adaptable in trips and life, Ales will definitely be a good part of the representatives members in Roskilde.


Daniel Routil

Currently, Daniel is a 2nd year Student at the FH JOANNEUM, the University of Applied Science in Graz and is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy. Recently, he has earned his bachelor degree in sport and movement science from Karl-Franzens University. Besides his studies, he has also gained experience as a training therapist in a private practice specializing in low back pain issues.

He joined the ENPHE Movement in May 2017 in Porto for the first time. Since then, the importance of internationalisation in physiotherapy, and beyond it, immediately became a priority for him. His effort lies in becoming more conscious about the difficulties that may occur intercultural and preparing solutions to encounter them.

In his leisure time, Daniel does not just like diving deep into different areas of interest but also meant in a literal sense as freediving into depths of waters. Passionate about this sport, he agrees that the surface of things gives enjoyment, but the interiority gives life.

Attributes he is offering as a representative of ENPHE; Throughout positive attitude, critical thinking, high self-efficacy and humour.

Moniek Wezeman

Moniek is in her third year of her physiotherapy studies at the Hanzehogeschool - University of Applied Science, in the Netherlands. She has been an active member of ENPHE since the seminar in Porto in May 2017. 

In her spare time she likes to go hiking (with her dog), try out new (vegetarian) recipes, design and draw. Travelling is one of the things she has done since she was young and loves to do the most, especially to non-touristic places. In this way she gets inspired to have a broad vision and look at topics from different perspectives. 

In ENPHE she recognises this; the collaboration and cooperation of all motivated students and teachers, from different universities and backgrounds, makes it possible to develop ideas to useful concepts. 

The best collaborations create something greater than the sum of what each person can create on their own. 

Research: Alberto Lo Brutto

Alberto is a 3rd year student of International Physiotherapy at the Hanzehogeschool University of Applied Science Groningen, the Netherlands. He is Italian but moved to the Netherlands to study in an exciting International environment. He enjoys learning new topics and get out of the "comfort zone". For this reason, he is currently a part of the Hanze Honours College. Since September 2016 in Graz, he is a member of ENPHE and for the 2nd year he is representative of the ESB working group “Research”. 

He is very extrovert, talkative and appreciates travel. 
One of his favorite quotse is: "Stay positive, work hard, make it happen" 

Professional Issues: Nacho Dominguez

Nacho is from Spain and he's in the last year of his physiotherapy degree at FUB-Umanresa University and is working as a physiotherapist’s assistant in a child soccer team. He joined ENPHE at the seminar in Barcelona 2016, and became the ESB Working Group Representative for Professional Issues at the seminar in Porto 2017.

He decided to join the Professional Issues Working Group because he wanted to know and learn more about international physiotherapy issues and how physiotherapists could help to solve those issues. He also wants to motivate other people to give them the same good experiences he’s had in the ENPHE.

His hobbies are to go out with friends, to watch TV series, to listen to music and to juggle. 

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