ESB is a group of students from countries all around Europe. The main goal is to provide discussion and help the other working groups with practical advice, feedback and the student vision on subjects they are discussing.

The ISB was founded in 2011 and has now developed a stable structure. Since the spring seminar in Barcelona 2016 its`name changed into ESB, in order to emphazise the belonging to ENPHE.

ESB contains of:

  • ESB Promotion Working group, with subjects of internal communication, PR, business plan and organizing next seminar/conference.
  • ENPHE Working groups, with the subject support to ENPHE via practical advice, feedback and student vision on discussed subjects.


ENPHE and the ESB get together twice per year, during conferences and seminars.

The conference is organized in autumn, and take two or three days. The achievements and progressions are then presented in the subsequent seminar/conference, and new goals are set for the next year. Methods, communication and any general problems since the previous event are also evaluated. Several lectures will be held and social/cultural activities are planned in the evenings, in which teachers and students participate.

The seminar is organized each spring and last two or three days. Progresses up till the conference will then be presented. Members will actively participate in the working group meetings, which contain brainstorming, work and evaluations. Social/cultural activities are planned in the evening, in which teachers and students participate.

The conference is the starting point of every new ENPHE year (autumn to autumn).

There are several possibilities of participation for active ESB members:

  • Participating in ESB working groups as a member.
  • Participating in ENPHE working groups to provide feedback and student vision.


Laura Castejón Ramirez, Chairlady

Laura Castejón is studying in San Rafael Nebrija University in Madrid, Spain. She has been an active member of the ESB and ENPHE since the seminar in Madrid in 2015. She became Chairlady during the last conference in Graz. She is interested in participating in ESB to be able to inspire other students to collaborate between countries, to learn about education in physiotherapy and to get to know other cultures. Laura’s interests include traveling, learning languages, listening to music, sports and meeting new people.




Elsa Sellier, Vice Chairlady

Elsa Sellier is in her second year of physiotherapy degree in the school «Hogeschool Zuyd» in Heerlen, in the Netherlands. She is French but move to the Netherlands for her studies.

She loves traveling and meeting people from other countries and learn more about their cultures. This is one of the reason she wanted to take part on ENPHE; the other reason is to learn from others with the idea to improve the studies/ profession of physiotherapy.  In September 2016 she has become the Vice Chair of the ESB and with this roll she would like to promote the collaboration between physiotherapy students of all Europe.

Her personal interests are horse riding, running, reading, traveling and meeting friends.

Nicole Christener, Treasurer

Nicole Christener studies in her third year out of four at ZHAW Winterthur, Switzerland.

Since the Enphe Conference in Ghent she has been an active member of the ESB and on the last Conference in Graz she got elected as Treasurer. Nicole likes the creative atmosphere at the ESB, with many students and teachers of different nationalities. She loves the most that everybody in Europe can take part, collaborate and communicating in an international setting. Get new friends, experiences and wonderful memories is what everybody can take back home.

Her Hobbies are dancing, meeting friends, traveling, reading and music.




Lisa van der Hout, Representative Practice Placed Learning working group

Lisa is a fourth year student at the Rotterdam University, the Netherlands. Her first time joining ENPHE was in Madrid, 2015 and became representative of the ESB working group Practiced based learning in Barcelona, 2016.

In her free time she is an active horse rider who loves to travel, meet new people and enjoy life. In her working and study time Lisa is motivated and determent to make to best out of everything. 






Femke Schepers, Representative Facilitation of Learning working group


Femke is a fourth year student at the University of Applied Science Utrecht, the Netherlands. She has been a member of ENPHE since the seminar in Istanbul, March 2014. She is active in the working group Facilitation of Learning and became the representative since the last conference in Graz. The aim of this working group is to facilitate members of ENPHE to acquire information and construct knowledge concerning contemporary approaches to learning and teaching in physiotherapy education.

Her hobbies are playing guitar, singing, drawing, photographing, horse riding and she loves to spend time with her friends.


 Muriel Wirth, Representative Internationalisation working group

Muriel is a third year student at ZHAW in Winterthur, Switzerland. Since September 2014 in Tartu, is she a member of ESB and works in the internationalization working group. In Switzerland,

Muriel is a part of a physiotherapy student community, where she works on national and international projects with the goal to improve the learning from and with each other, in and outside of classrooms. Her hobbies are all kinds of board sports, building longboards and traveling.








 Alberto Lo Brutto, Representative of the Research working group

Alberto is a second year student of Physiotherapy at the Hanzehogeschool University of Applied Science Groningen, the Netherlands. He is Italian but move to the Netherlands to study in an international environment. He enjoys to expand knowledge and get creative for this reason is currently part of the Hanze Honours College. Since September 2016 in Graz, he is a member of ENPHE and became representative of the ESB working group “Research”. 

His Hobbies are: hiking, swimming and travelling.

Francesca Farrugia, Representative of the International Relations working group

Francesca Farrugia is a fourth year physiotherapy student at the University of Malta, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean. She has been an active ESB member since the conference in April 2013, which was held in Vienna (Austria). She became the representative of the International Relations Working group together with Rianne during the October 2015 Conference, which was held in Ghent (Belgium). The main aim of the working group is to collaborate with other physiotherapy student organisations around the world.

Her hobbies are playing netball, handball and waterpolo as well as traveling and spending quality time with friends.




Mara Luisa Loesewitz, Alumni Advisor

Mara used to be Vice Chair and later Chair of ESB and is now supporting the current board with her experience. She finished her studies this year and works in a rehabilitation clinic in Austria. Her hobbies are sports, music, reading, networking and laughing.

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