June 13th 2017

Dear members,

It was great to see how dedicated, creative and innovative you are when developing the working groups. Thank you all who contributed their time and effort.

In Vilnius the EB introduced a new procedure for financing the working groups. It was allocated €15.000 per year for all Working Groups together, which means, €3.000 per Group per year, based on 5 Working Groups that were formed in Vilnius. Until the organization of ENPHE is running with these Working Groups, and until the next financial revision (September 2017) this financing model is maintained.

This budget can be used by the working groups for activities such as travel, meetings, or any other action, that are necessary and justified for the progress of the work in the Working Groups.

Therefore all groups are requested to make their annual ACTIVITIES & BUDGET PLAN, to demonstrate how the money will be spent. The budget year needs be presented at the end of each conference (normally until de end of November of the respective year), together with the plan of action of each working group for the next year.

Please send your Activities & Budget plan to info@enphe.org, no later than the 30st of November of each year.

For the coming years the planning should be:

Activities & Budget plan to 2018*

  • Deadline 30st November 2017
  • Presentation of activities and budget plan for the Seminar in Denmark 2018 and Conference in France 2018.

Activities & Budget plan to 2019*

  • Deadline 30st November 2018
  • Presentation of activities and budget plan for the Seminar in (to be determined) 2019 and Conference in The Netherlands 2019.

This will hopefully facilitate self-determination of the groups and enables more participants to contribute in rotational basis in the Working Groups. Also a more clear and transparent information is available to all the members in terms of which activities are going to be developed and how the money will be applied.

We encourage members of the groups to ask for reimbursement from their own Universities first, so that the ENPHE budget can support those whose Universities will not be able to assist them.  

Expenses can only be reimbursed against the original receipts and tickets

We hope this procedure enables energetic and fruitful contribution by all members in the ENPHE development.

* Considering the financial revision in September 2017, some changes can be made to the financing model.

Expenses FORM for reimbursement

On behalf of the Executive Board,

Patricia Almeida

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Posted on 14/04/2018 by Joost van Wijchen
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