EU Directives

The Focus Group “EU Directives” takes stock of the directives issued by the EU Commission that have a direct impact on physiotherapy education. EU Directives have a direct influence on higher educational institutions. The first subject to be looked at is “Ranking”. 

By Ranking one aims to enable European physiotherapy in higher education to affect and handle future ranking procedures, in order to participate in, and to evolve, a meaningful and fruitful process and result of ranking procedures for the institutions.Therefore the goal for the Focus Group is to support physiotherapy educators to understand the ongoing and future ranking systems and ranking criteria for the higher education area relevant to physiotherapy. 

The main focus of the group is on:

    • IREG (International Ranking Expert Group) Observatory on Academic Rankings and Excellence. It is a global organization working on development of a global ranking system.
    • CHERPA network (The Consortium for Higher Education and Research Performance Assessment). This has won the European tender to develop a ranking system for global ranking. CHERPA is a European network of leading institutions in this field.
    • CHE (Centre for Higher Education Development). CHE is working together with CHERPA
    • They are all (IREG, CHERPA, CHE) building their development on the Berlin Principles.

November 7th 2012, during the ENPHE Conference in Vienna, the Focus Group "EU Directives" have presented their Final Outcome and they have given a Poster Presentation.

Please find the Final Outcome and Poster below:

Final Outcome


Focus Group Leader: Jørgen Brandt, University College Sjealand, Denmark
Focus Group Member: Marja-Leena Lähteenmaki, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Finland
Focus Group Member: Dario Filiputti, Università degli Studi di Udine, Italy 

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