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  • Jade Schembri, Malta. 2014A Dissertation Presented to the Institute of Health Care in Part-Fulfilment of the Requirements for the Degree of Bachelor of Science (Honours) (Physiotherapy) at the University of Malta

    Title: Perceptions of a four-year physiotherapy course compared to courses of different durations

    Abstract: This study looked into the duration of the undergraduate physiotherapy course offered by the University of Malta and was compared to other courses offered within European countries, including Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Netherlands, UK, Poland, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Belgium, Switzerland, Finland, Czech Republic and Austria to discover if the time component (duration) has an effect on physiotherapy students, newly qualified physiotherapists, clinicians and lecturers. This was performed by self-designed questionnaires which were distributed via online networking related to physiotherapy. From the results the author concluded that participants in a longer course tend to be more content and more confident to treat patients after their study years are over. Certain opinions were expressed by all the participants, including the need of more clinical practice throughout the study years. Additional time should be devoted to physiotherapy skills practising while a review of the course should take place regarding any superfluous subjects while making sure that each study unit has enough hours in relation to its importance. Deficiencies in the library service should also be addressed.  These are all aspects that according to the participants require some changes for a better learning outcome, however, a considerable number of hours would be needed to implement all these feedback ideas during the educational course. Due to limitations, the author was not able to conclude definitively that duration affects the course per se.

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Posted on 14/04/2018 by Joost van Wijchen
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